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  • “I've been an interior designer for over 15 years. I've worked with many contractors throughout my career. Conone of CNC Homes is by far the best contractor I've ever worked with. Complete transparency! Terrific communicator!! Excellent subs who I trusted and actually had a lot of fun with!! High quality workmanship and tremendous integrity! You can not go wrong with CNC Homes!! Candice the job super, ROCKS too!! 

    Construction, electrical, plumbing and finishes. They do it !!”

    Nancy Swanton
  • “Conone Davis was the project manager of two remodels (one was building a 300 square foot sun room addition to our house the other was remodeling our kitchen, master bath, guest bath and mud room- both projects were around 75K each) we did to our home in the recent past. As a retired military officer I have owned homes all over the country and dealt with contractors on projects on those homes. I can clearly state the Conone was by far the best individual I have ever worked with on remodel and repair issues. First he knows a great deal about all aspects of home remodeling (i.e. plumbing, electric, painting etc.) and this allows him to deal effectively with subcontractors. Much more important is that he knows the people and subcontractors who he brings to a project and supervises them so that the home owner is getting what he/she wants and is paying for. Finally Conone is very fair and customer focused. As always during a remodel unplanned issues come up and in the past this has been the very unpleasant part of remodel when I felt I had to fight with the contractor over how the issue was going to be resolved. Conone looked at these issues as opportunities and wanted to work with the homeowner to come to a win win resolution. On projects came out better because of the way Conone dealt with these issues. I just have never been treated like that during a remodel. The bottom line is he and his people did an excellent job, were reliable and fair. I actually enjoyed doing the remodels with him and highly recommend him to anyone considering having remodel work to their home.”

    COL (R) John D. Roscelli MD
  • “My wife and I spent approximately 18 months planning and building our home with Conone Davis. Everyone warned us that building a home would be a terrible experience, but we actually had a ton of fun working with Conone. 

    Conone works hard, communicates well, responds to others, and is able to resolve naturally occurring conflict with sub-contractors and others in an amicable manner. 

    My wife bought pizzas for workers, baked them cookies, and brought them cold drinks. They all brainstormed, argued, and laughed and laughed. The end result was a fantastic house that incorporates great ideas and inspiration from many minds. 

    We are now planning a mother-in-law quarters and there will be only one choice for leading the symphony--Conone Davis.”

    Spencer Schock
  • “We found Mr. Davis to be highly professional and very customer oriented. He managed the construction of our beautiful new home with careful attention to detail and quality. We would highly recommend Mr. Davis and CNC Homes..”

    Don Turnage
  • “Conone Davis is an honest, articulate and organized builder with a strong commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. His knowledge and energy make him the perfect choice to build a home. And his ability to manage and stay within a budget is spot on.”

    Doug Lonergan
  • “Exceptional. That is how I would describe working with Conone. He knows his business and executes with such professionalism. His friendly demeanor put me at ease as he translated what I wanted and brought it to life! My bathroom was transformed into an updated, open and spa-like place. Conone can clearly see what you want and goes the distance to make it happen. If you want the best, you want CNC Homes and the Conone Davis team!”

    Erin B.
  • “Conone and his crew at CNC Homes are some of the best in the business. He is one of the few builders that understands your only as good as your subs, and he has some of the best in town. 

    I have worked with Conone and his crew 10+ years and plan to continue for many more....”

    Neils Albek
  • “I have been working with Conone for approximately 10 years. He is the complete professional. Excellent attention for details. Also fun to work with.”

    Hank Muschenheim
    General Manager 
    Western Pacific Building Materials
  • “On time. Under budget. Knowledgeable, with excellent communication skills. Considerate. Conscientious, high quality workmanship. Conan's leadership skills assured that every workman in our home performed timely, high quality work. Thanks to Conan our remodel was an all around pleasant experience.”

    Mary Jones
  • The founder of CNC Homes, Conone Davis, was the operations manager at the company that built our new house in Bend. Conone was a key reason we chose this builder for our home over the four other builders that we considered. His knowledge of the custom home construction business and his approach to managing project costs and schedule significantly set him apart from the rest. Additionally, his cheerful personality and positive customer service attitude also make him a savvy businessman.   

    Should we decide to build another home, we would strongly consider CNC Homes. We wish Conone all the best for building a successful company.  

    The President of this company was previously at the builder we used for our home. 

    Elizabeth Vandehey
  • After just finishing a complete remodel of our 1960's ranch home, we cannot praise Conone and his team enough for how great our home turned out or for how wonderful they were to work with. Conone and Candice were completely honest and helpful throughout the project, making sure we were on time and on budget. Conone went above and beyond to be sure that we were happy with every step of the remodel and we would highly recommend him for anyone looking for a contractor.

    Cole and Amy Billings
  • Conone and Cami at CNC Homes did an amazing job with our extensive (4000+ sq-foot) remodel in Sunriver, OR. The team was professional, friendly, responsive and did great work. Our home turned out better than we could have expected. When we had questions or ideas, the team was available and worked with us to discuss, brainstorm, debate, and ultimately find the right design and construction solution. Conone kept us informed at every step of the project in terms of progress, options, timelines and costs (we were busy and often out of state during the project and the team worked with us to make us feel like we were on site). They brought up new ideas and highlighted options that we hadn't thought of. We collaborated via email, phone, text and in person. We're so glad that we worked with them. Cami did an amazing job as well, helping to keep the project on track and working with us on the interior design, paint colors and furnishings. We would not hesitate to work with them again and highly recommend CNC Homes for any job, small or large.

    Sean and Lori Kell
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